The future is Now

Please write a post in English on your personal blog explaining why you are committed to joining Toptal. In the post, make sure you indicate your specific interest in joining the Toptal Web Programmers Network.

A new world with is under construction. We are living in an age that the education, work, and the mores are changing. I think that information technology is the fuel of this changes. In my case, i really want to have more time to be with my family, to have time to read to my daughter and be the central point of her education. But I still wants to live in a global world talking and working with people from different places and culture. In the past, I think that my life should be lived in a great cosmopolitan metropolis, but today this is not true. Companies like Toptal give to me an opportunity to live a new life style and this is very exciting.

For this reason, I am committed to joining Toptal. I want to be part of this new world!

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